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Philip Rothman founded NYC Music Services in 2007 with a mission to provide the industry’s best music services to professional clients. Since then, we’ve worked on thousands of projects ranging from simple transpositions to large opera productions. Whether it’s at Carnegie Hall, Abbey Road Studios, or The Metropolitan Opera, you’re likely to find our materials on the music stands for some of today’s best performances and productions.


We provide tools for making the most of music notation software.

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  • Adventures in early music with Dorico, volume 2 April 18, 2024
    Accidentals, coloration brackets, lyrics, barlines, figured bass, staff lines, ornaments, and incipits are among the various areas in Dorico that come into play when working with early music notation. We bridge the nearly 500-year gap between 21st-century software and the 16th-century plainsong it creates.

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  • Video killed (it with) the notation star April 6, 2024
    With music notation work often intersecting in some capacity with music production and scoring to video, it’s important to know when your software of choice is the best option for a particular need within a project, and when it’s not. When it comes to fine-tuned formatting and engraving decisions, we can’t move from one notation […]