Music Copying & Engraving




Self-published composers


  • Provide publisher-level services to composers that wish to retain the copyrights in their music
  • Negotiate agreements with performing organizations and licensees
  • Streamline the music acquisition process
  • Maintain high-quality materials by leveraging our music preparation abilities

Today's composers have more opportunities than ever to showcase their music and engage directly with performers. Many composers want to self-publish their music, allowing them to have complete creative control and enjoy a larger share in downstream royalties.

Philip Rothman and Quinn Mason at The Kennedy Center

With composers in demand not only for their music, but for personal appearances, residencies, teaching, and other duties, the complex mechanics of music licensing, printing, shipping, and fulfillment need full-time attention. NYC Music Services has bridged this gap, serving as the publishing agent for some of today's leading composers.

An example of this is with Quinn Mason's "This is the Rope", an orchestral work commissioned by The Kennedy Center for performance by the National Symphony Orchestra, based upon a book by Jacqueline Woodson.

A collaborative endeavor like this demands the composer's complete creative attention. NYC Music Services was there for Quinn during every step of the process, communicating with The Kennedy Center's artistic, education, and operations departments about the status of the work, ensuring timely delivery of materials, and providing on-site support during the workshops, so that any changes could be captured in real time.

Music from Quinn Mason's catalog is available from Notation Central, the official store of NYC Music Services. Customers can purchase sales items directly in PDF or printed format, and initiate requests for rentals of orchestral and other large works.