Notation Express is the fastest way to work in Sibelius and Dorico. It’s a custom-designed profile for the Stream Deck console that makes powerful Sibelius and Dorico features easy and fun to use.

Notation Express includes hundreds of commands that are just a touch or two away, with an intuitive layout and beautiful icons. Setup is a breeze and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

If you have Sibelius or Dorico, and you have a Stream Deck, you need Notation Express!

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“This is FANTASTIC. A must for Sibelius users!!!”

David Newman, composer and conductor

“This is a perfect use for Stream Deck and a great productivity accessory for Dorico.”

Robert Puff, music preparer


Installation - Sibelius

Full written documentation for both Sibelius and Dorico is included with a purchase of Notation Express.


What do I need to use Notation Express?

You need the 15-key Stream Deck console from Elgato, and either Sibelius or Dorico.

What version of Sibelius/Dorico will Notation Express work with?

Notation Express is built for the latest version of Sibelius Ultimate (2019.4) and the latest version of Dorico (2.2.20), but should work with some limitations in older versions as well. Certain shortcuts or actions may not work or may need to be reconfigured when using older versions.

Does Notation Express work with Mac and PC?

Yes. Be sure to purchase the correct version for your operating system. Mac requires Mac OS Sierra 10.12 or later, Windows requires Windows 10 64-bit or later.

What languages does Notation Express work with?

Notation Express has only been tested on English language setups. If you work on a computer with a different language, Notation Express should work, but you might need to modify some of the shortcuts in the profile on your own if they don't work in your localization.

However, we do have a couple of unofficial versions: Dorico for Mac in French, and Dorico for German in Windows. If you work in one of these platform/language combinations, please contact us after you purchase Notation Express, and we will send you the version you request.

Who is Notation Express intended for?

Anyone, from beginner to pro, will benefit from Notation Express. Everyone will enjoy the speed with which text, dynamics, articulations and more can be entered. Pros will especially enjoy the advanced engraving features available at the touch of a button.

Will Notation Express replace the need to use a computer keyboard with Sibelius/Dorico?

No. But with Stream Deck’s touch-and-press interface, it will reduce the need to memorize many Sibelius or Dorico keyboard shortcuts and program custom ones, and will reduce dependence on the numeric keypad and mouse for many commonly-used items.

How do I set up Notation Express?

Setup instructions are provided for both Sibelius and Dorico along with the installation files. Setup should not take more than a few minutes. Also see the installation video for Sibelius on this web site, or on YouTube.

Can I use my existing keyboard shortcuts with Notation Express?

The Notation Express profile is based on the default Sibelius or Dorico shortcuts, although many more have been added. If you use the default Sibelius or Dorico shortcuts, you can continue to use them just as before, and also use Stream Deck. If you have modified the default Sibelius or Dorico shortcuts, you can either modify them to work with the Notation Express profile, or easily change the shortcuts in the Notation Express profile to match yours (making sure that they don't conflict with other shortcuts in use).

Will you be making other versions of Notation Express that work with other software, like Finale?

Stay tuned!

Licensing Q & A

Can I use Notation Express on more than one computer?

Yes! A purchase entitles one person (you) to use it on one computer at a time, on as many computers that you personally use. Unless you have extra limbs, that should suffice nicely.

Can my buddy who shares my computer use Notation Express?

No! Well, there’s no way to technically prevent it. But please ask your buddy to purchase his own copy.

My buddy wants to use my copy of Notation Express. Can I send it to him?

No! He should purchase his own copy. Let’s all be buddies!

Can I change the default Notation Express profile — move icons around, add my own shortcuts, actions, etc.?

Yes! That’s the beauty of it — it’s totally customizable for your own use. You can always re-import the default Notation Express profile again.

So, once I do that, can I send that profile to my buddy?

No! Please don’t share any profile derived from the Notation Express profile, unless your buddy has already purchased Notation Express, too — then it’s OK.

I have Notation Express for Sibelius already. Can I get Notation Express for Dorico too? (or vice versa)

Notation Express for Sibelius and Notation Express for Dorico work very similarly in many respects, but "under-the-hood" they are quite different products (just like Sibelius and Dorico are different products) and must be purchased separately.