Music Copying & Engraving




Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute Link Up Program


  • Provide printed music education resources to more than 100 orchestras around the world
  • Prepare music for six local NYC concerts performed annually at Carnegie Hall
  • Scale the program during a rapid expansion phase
  • Provide solutions for fulfillment and inventory

Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute has helped millions of elementary school students develop fundamental musical skills through their Link Up program. The program provides music education resources to teachers, who lead their students in a hands-on music curriculum that culminates in a participatory concert alongside a professional orchestra, in a carefully crafted program featuring music, narration, visuals and more.

Link Up collaborates with more than 100 orchestras around the world. For more than a decade, NYC Music Services was responsible for preparing, printing and shipping the orchestral scores and parts to all of them, playing an essential role in the program's rapid expansion over several years and producing materials to scale. We also prepared the music for the six local NYC concerts performed annually at Carnegie Hall.

That added up to more than 100 individually packed boxes of orchestral scores and parts, printed, bound and shipped every year — quite literally a ton of music!

Our comprehensive services included:

  • Music preparation
  • Orchestration
  • Printing and binding
  • Library services, including making bowing masters
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Storage and inventory

Each show had approximately a dozen musical pieces, or cues. Each cue was prepared separately, mostly using Finale or Sibelius, after which we printed all of it and assembled the books into each part, complete with a cue sheet for each player.

After a program is completed, the parts were returned to us. We checked each set for missing or damaged material, and reprinted any music if necessary or made adjustments to the shows based on feedback.

It all added up to experiences like this: