Carnegie Hall

NYC Music Services provides a full suite of music preparation services for Carnegie Hall's national and local Link Up programs, including engraving, music editing, printing, library services and shipping to more than 40 orchestras in the US and internationally.
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The Metropolitan Opera

From last-minute inserts to piano reductions, transpositions of vocal scores and re-working full orchestral material, NYC Music Services enjoys a long relationship with America's premiere opera company, providing essential musical materials for many high-profile performances.
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NFL Films

NYC Music Services provided full orchestral transcriptions for music performed on a concert by the Philadelphia Orchestra, given as a tribute in memory of NFL Films' late president Steve Sabol.
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Schott USA / European American Music

NYC Music Services has worked on hundreds of projects for Schott USA and European American Music since 2005, engraving and editing the concert works of a diverse array of composers including Douglas J. Cuomo, Andrew Norman, Tobias Picker, Bernard Rands, Howard Shore, and Rufus Wainwright.
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Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

NYC Music Services works regularly with the ISO and the Symphonic Pops Consortium on a wide variety of projects, including the famous Duke Energy Yuletide Celebration and collaborations with crossover band Time for Three, providing arrangements, music preparation, and custom transcriptions.
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Working with Philip Rothman on our new edition of the Flutist’s Vade Mecum of Scales, Arpeggios, Trills and Fingering Technique was, and continues to be, a very rewarding experience. Our preliminary draft that started out as 150 pages of tedious, loosely constructed Sibelius files became a work of art in the capable hands of Philip Rothman. Integrity to the principles of layout and design is best left to the professionals for a masterpiece intended for long term possession. A comparison of our work as novices alongside Philip’s work as a highly respected professional underscores the importance of proper style, layout and engraving. Philip’s kind and calm demeanor while sorting through our manuscript pages instilled confidence where there had been a sense of panic, and for that, we are truly grateful.”

— Walfrid Kujala
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, retired
Northwestern University, Professor of Flute
The Flutist’s Vade Mecum of Scales, Arpeggios, Trills and Fingering Technique

“Philip Rothman has been involved in many aspects of producing performance material for our productions. Transposing vocal scores and orchestral material (always needed immediately), creating piano reductions from full scores, reformatting of the full score of a newly commissioned opera, creating orchestral material from said full score and making overnight revisions during the rehearsal process have all been carried out efficiently, accurately and with a high degree of professional integrity. Philip has provided invaluable service to The Metropolitan Opera for which we are extremely grateful.”

Robert Sutherland
Chief Librarian, The Metropolitan Opera

“Phil Rothman is a true ‘Renaissance man,’ a gifted and highly resourceful composer exceptionally skilled and experienced in all aspects of professional music making. As project director and creative advisor for both rounds of the Ford Made in America project, Phil's dynamic and innovative leadership has been critically important to the success of this major commissioning program. I recommend him most highly!”

Joseph Schwantner, composer
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Music

“Philip Rothman has worked closely with Schott Music Corporation and European American Music Corporation on numerous publications. When working with Philip, I have complete trust and confidence in his craftsmanship and skill. He is one of the most competent, reliable, and flexible engravers in the business. I consider him a genuine professional and would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in having exceptional service.”

— Scott Wollschleger
Senior Production Manager,
European American Music Distributors, LLC
Schott Music Group

“Philip Rothman is an outstanding colleague in music. He is a superb composer of both concert and commercial music. Through his company NYC Music Services, he provides to his impressive list of clients impeccable work in all areas of music notation and score preparation. He is a consummate professional and thoroughly skilled in every aspect of his craft. Philip is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him highly to anyone seeking expert assistance with the realization of their music.”

Kenneth Fuchs, composer
Professor of Composition, University of Connecticut

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshops. Great instruction that really fit my learning style. I also really enjoyed our private session the next day. Your thorough approach to resolving my personal challenges with the program was simply great. I'm already experiencing positive changes in my work. Thanks, thanks, thanks!”

Allen Carter
Associate Professor of Music, Minnesota State University, Moorhead

“Philip Rothman at NYC Music Services just saved my project big time! New Yorkers, if you need help with software, copying, etc., he is the CAT!”

Christian McBride
Bassist, composer and bandleader
3-time GRAMMY winner

“I am delighted to speak on behalf of Philip Rothman’s outstanding work. He has an amazing eye for layout, spacing and ease of reading. As an outstanding composer in his own right, he knows the instruments inside and out and is able to know instinctively what the composers need to make their scores clear and aesthetically pleasing to look at for the performers. In addition, he is extremely thorough, fast and so easy to work with. I give Philip my highest recommendation. He is a pro — probably the finest music copyist you are ever likely to work with!”

Eric Ewazen, composer
Faculty, The Juilliard School

“I have worked with Phil Rothman at The Metropolitan Opera, The Juilliard School and the Aspen Music Festival. In all cases his work and disposition have been superb! He is accommodating, thoroughly professional, and completely competent — an absolute pleasure to work with. He also has taught me FINALE engraving, which has been tremendously enriching for me professionally. I highly recommend Phil Rothman to anyone!”

Paul Beck
Principal Librarian, The Juilliard Orchestras

“Philip Rothman is an expert proofreader and copyist. I've been very impressed with his level of skill, attention to detail and personable demeanor. He is equally comfortable working in Finale and Sibelius software, which is an enormous asset in the field of music preparation, and he is a team player, working late hours if needed to get the job done on schedule. I recommend him highly.”

Robert Puff
Professional music preparer
Owner/Principal, RPM Seattle

“Philip Rothman’s solid, reliable and impeccable work during the daily revisions of “An American Tragedy” made rehearsals and performances run smoothly at The Metropolitan Opera and we gained precious time because of him. I can’t imagine what it would be like to produce a large scale work without Philip’s expert help. Being an accomplished composer himself, and a musician of the best caliber, Philip Rothman is an asset to any small or large scale project.”

Tobias Picker, composer

“Philip is an unequalled talent. I have sent Philip many of my guitar compositions and requested that he arrange them for other instrumentations. I have found Philip's work to always be very artistic, thoughtful, and professional My musician colleagues who play our arrangements with me love his work, as do I. I highly recommend Philip and his NYC Music Services for any notation, composition, or arrangement work that any musician or composer might desire, or need. You will be always be pleased with the artistic results.”

Louis Valentine Johnson
Guitarist and composer

“Fast turnaround. Complete savvy with the software.”

— Michael Runyan
Former Principal Librarian,
Indianapolis Symphony
Professional copyist for over 30 years

“Philip Rothman is a pro. He is the ideal copyist. Not only did he complete the job ahead of schedule and accommodated all of my changes quickly and professionally, but the quality of his work was, without question, exceptional.

Charles Norman Mason, composer
Chair, Composition and Theory Departement
Frost School of Music at the University of Miami